A Peek into the Revolutionary Infrastructure at MARC

MARC Bearings Pvt Ltd based at Shapra, Veraval in the Rajkot District of Gujarat – India is spread across 39,840 Sq. feet constructed area and 5,100 Sq. meter land area with the state-of-art infrastructure. The cutting edge infrastructure and production facilities lay a clear reflection to MARC’s vision and faith to perfection and excellence.


Production Unit :

The production unit of MARC is enriched with Automatic CNC machines that facilitate large/small scale production in an efficient, smooth and productive manner. WMW and CINCINNATI machines are the signature machines at MARC’s production unit. Furthermore, Laser Marking Machine and PLC machines also add to the signature technologies. These machines prove to be an asset when it comes to overcoming design challenges whilst satisfying varied client requirements.

Complementing these production advancements is a highly proficient team of engineers and high level of technical expertise to ensure excellence in the bearing manufacturing sector. 

Quality Check

Standard Room :

Quality being MARC’s core strength gives a spark to the initiatives and efforts at the Quality Control Room, tagged as the Standard Room. This unit at MARC witnesses a streamlined assessment and quality check process of all manufactured bearings for quality, excellence and accuracy. MARC’s Standard Room Engineers work closely with Production & Q.C. departments to provide assistance for Quality check process including CAD files, and elimination of stack-up-tolerance issues.

Standard Room is equipped with all the required equipments and instruments sufficing international quality control criteria like: TAYLOR HOBSON Form Talysurf for Surface finish and Contour Measurement, MITUTOYO Roundness Tester, TESA Surface Roughness Tester and dimension measuring Instruments and Equipments.


Assembly Unit :

Our Assembly unit is equipped with all the required technologies and skilled work force. After assembly of the bearings, demagnetizing, Washing, Drying & Oiling is done by fully automatic machine line.

Quality Check

Warehouse :

Our warehouse is operational with the most advanced and innovative storage facilities catering to scientific storage of the manufactured bearings. Furthermore, the dedicated personnel pay high attention to prevent rust formation on the metallic bearings, refraining them from performance depreciation.