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Undying Quality Defines MARC

Quality is the core value that defines the existence of MARC. The brand’s quality system is based on international standards committed to Quality-First Methodology in every aspect of the bearing manufacturing processes - starting from purchasing quality raw materials to delivering high performance bearings across the globe.

As a test for undying quality, all manufactured bearings undergo a rationalized process of various assessments and quality checks. The process works as follows :

  • Procurement of SAE 52100 Steel: The SAE 52100 Steel is purchased after an analysis and verification done through Spectro Analysis. The process is performed in the laboratory for a complete assessment of composition, characteristics and quality of the steel. A test certificate of the same is also availed to ensure quality that satisfies the core business of manufacturing international quality bearings.
  • In-House Quality Checks: Before the actual process begins, all the required instruments are calibrated and checked for quality by the appointed quality inspector.
  • Quality of Production: At each and every stage of production, respective production workers along with appointed supervisors and inspectors carry out random checking to counter check the process performance and quality. Processes like forging, annealing, turning, grinding, super finishing, cleaning and assembly operations are outperformed using the best of quality control instruments like Hardness Tester, Surface Plate, Roundness Tester, Roughness Tester and Counter Machine.
  • External Quality Checks: At regular intervals, external agencies also take care of quality through metallurgical testing for chemical and physical analysis. This is done to ensure high level of satisfaction in terms of producing quality bearings.
  • Final Inspection: After the bearings are completely ready for packing and dispatch, quality check experts carry on meticulous inspection for dimensional parameters and other essentials specified by the customers.
Tapered Roller Bearings

MARC Bearings with its head high strives to deliver highest quality bearings that meet industrial regulations and international specifications with optimum functional use to the customers across the globe. Moreover, the company aims at creating its own benchmark in the global bearings industry by consistently enhancing bearings quality as well as process performance.